The Southeast’s Most Capable R&D Park

Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus is a collaborative effort of The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It’s located on the banks of the Tennessee River in Knoxville and includes 16 building sites that support approximately 1.6 million square feet of development space.

Dr. David Millhorn, executive vice president, University of Tennessee

Dr. David Millhorn
Senior Vice President
University of Tennessee

Solving your organization’s most pressing research and development challenges starts with having access to the best facilities, research tools and scientific minds.

Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus delivers all of that in one place. It is the nation’s only research and development park that combines the resources of a major research university and the largest U.S. Department of Energy laboratory (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). These resources have attracted some of the best scientists in the world, giving businesses access to talent not found anywhere else.

Along with excellent scientists, businesses have access to an unrivaled array of research tools. Tenants who locate at Cherokee Farm will benefit from utilizing the world’s most powerful computers and having the ability to test new materials at the world’s most advanced neutron facilities.

Tenants also have access to the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM), a collaboration of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the State of Tennessee. JIAM, located in the center of Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus, is a $56 million research facility offering materials science investigation capabilities beyond those available anywhere else in the world.