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Your business relies on research innovation.

Competitive differentiation depends on a reliable pipeline of ideas. Build that pipeline at a research facility offering access to cutting-edge tools, world-class talent and a longstanding culture of discovery.

That’s what we do.

The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working together to deliver an unprecedented pool of research and development resources for organizations that rely on innovation.

And look what's ready for you.

Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus is the only R&D campus in the Southeast with the capabilities of a major research university and a major national laboratory for tenant innovation.


Innovation News

ORNL thermomagnetic processing method provides path to new materials

A thermomagnetic processing method developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory can advance the performance of polymers.

ORNL technology transfer continues strong upward trend

New methods are improving connections between private businesses and technology from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Cherokee Farm
Innovation Campus

Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus is a joint project of The University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The research and development business campus offers unprecedented access to the most powerful tools available in materials science and high-performance computing, coupled with access to internationally renowned researchers in a variety of specializations. Parcels available for immediate development, and plans underway for research suite leasing.